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Rewilder is a crypto-native non-profit that coordinates the global purchase of land for wildlife conservation.

Rewilder Foundation's First Donation Campaign

Starting Oct 12th 2021, we are conducting our first fundraising experiment. Each donation creates a unique NFT. All funds raised will be pooled together to purchase land for passive rewilding at the best rates we can find. We'll create one unique NFT per donor, which receives periodic updates about the land they helped purchase.
Once the land is purchased by our recently established foundation, we'll virtually divide the property according to the share of the total money contributed. Each NFT will be updated after the land purchase to contain information on a specific parcel inside the purchased land and an update feed.

The dawn of crypto-native non-profits

We believe that blockchain technology is changing how people align interests and resources behind global movements. Rewilder is crypto-native:
  • 100% of funds raised in crypto and kept in crypto (multisig contract). No bank account.
  • Endowment fund to safeguard value of donations and maintenance costs will be 100% on-chain and invest on-chain only in low-risk DeFi projects.
  • Legacy world non-profit entity (501c3 based in Miami, Florida) will act as a proxy to the traditional legal system (to own the lands and keys to funds).
  • NFT-based transparency tool to track exactly how money is used.
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