Rewilder Foundation Docs

Rewilder is a crypto-native non-profit that coordinates the global purchase of land for wildlife conservation.

What We Do

We conduct fundraising efforts in cryptocurrencies. Each donation creates a unique donation NFT. Funds are pooled together to purchase land globally for passive rewilding, with help from local non-profit partners. Each unique donoation NFT receives periodic updates about the land they helped purchase.

When our local non-profit partners secure the land, we proportionately distribute virtual portions corresponding to each donor's contribution. After the purchase, every NFT is updated to include details of a designated parcel within the plot of land, and a progress feed.

The dawn of crypto-native non-profits

We believe that blockchain technology is changing how people align interests and resources behind global movements. Rewilder is crypto-native:

  • 100% of funds raised in crypto and kept in a multisig contract until released to our local non-profit partners for purchasing land.

  • Endowment fund to safeguard value of donations will be 100% on-chain and invest in low-risk DeFi projects.

  • Legacy world non-profit entity (501c3 based in Miami, Florida) acts as a proxy to the traditional legal system (to sign agreements, legally transfer funds, etc).

  • NFT-based donation impact transparency tool to track exactly how money is used.

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